Areas of Interest

  • Bulk Mailing (folding, sealing, labeling, sorting)
  • Clerical (faxing, copying, phones, etc.)
  • Special Projects/ Events (assist with registration, mailing, phone calls, day-of-event activities)
  • Disability Awareness/ Community Fairs (assist with staffing information tables)
  • Movie Night (prepare meal, serve consumers, assist with eating, clean up, etc.)

Training is Provided

For more information call call (412) 371-6954, TTY (412) 371-1254.


Core Services are the foundation of all Centers for Independent Living.  They include Advocacy, Peer Support, Skills Training, and Information and Referral.

As YOUR CIL, Three Rivers Center for Independent Living (TRCIL) wants you to actively participate!

Last year, TRCIL formed a consumer advisory board to:

  • Educate people with disabilities and the general public about CIL Core Services
  • Ensure that TRCIL Core Services are truly consumer controlled
  • Make formal recommendations to TRCIL management on improving and enhancing the quality of Core Services
  • Follow-up on recommendations
  • Maintain an open dialogue between management and consumers
  • Provide a resource where management can gain insight on consumer needs

If you are interested in applying and interviewing for this board or would like to know more about it, call Abbie Dunn at (412) 371-6954, extension 136 or (412) 371-1254 (TTY).