Telecommunications Device Distribution Program


The Telecommunications Device Distribution Program (TDDP) is a program by which qualified Pennsylvanians with disabilities can obtain telecommunication devices free of charge. To qualify for the program, a person must be a Pennsylvania resident, have a disability, be six years of age or older, have access to telephone service and have an individual gross income of 200% of Federal Poverty level or less.

Equipment that is available through the TDDP program includes:  TTY’s, TTY with Braille display, Amplified Phone, CapTel Phone, Hands-Free Speaker Phone, Voice Carry Over and Hearing Carry Over phones, Cordless Phone, Cordless Headset Phone, Talking Telephone, Voice Activated Dialer, Photo Phone, Big Button Phone and the Link Talking Keyboard Communication Device.  Along with a phone product, you can select from various ring signaler devices to alert you to when the phone is ringing.

Once the TDDP program office receives and approves an application, the applicant will receive their equipment in approximately 40 days. Repairs will be made free of charge for one year as long as the damage is not the fault of the user. You may apply for a new device every five years.

If you are unsure of which device would best fit your needs, you may borrow these and many more devices free of charge through the PIAT Lending Library.

For questions regarding this service or these programs,
call (412) 371-6954, TTY (412) 371-1254 or contact Abbie Dunn at