5 Core Services

  • SKILLS TRAINING – Develop the skills needed to live independently
  • INFORMATION AND REFERRAL – Provide referral for specific services offered by TRCIL or other agencies
  • ADVOCACY (Individual and Systems) – Work to address discrimination issues and promote systems change
  • PEER SUPPORT – Provide one-to-one informal support and advice
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Additional Services

  • HOUSING – Assist in finding housing and maintaining independent living
  • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT – Obtain equipment and devices needed to be independent such as: ramps, wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive technology devices
  • TRANSITIONING – Move out of nursing homes and into the community with the necessary services and supports
  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES – Help in the home with daily living activities such as: bathing, eating, shopping, cleaning, etc.
  • COMMUNICATION – Provides interpreter services and other services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal, etc.
  • LIBRARY – Provide information on disabilities, education, and internet research
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – Coordinates marketing, public relations, fundraising activities, and community education and outreach.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAM FOR PERSONS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES (CSPPPD) – Provides service coordination, peer support, community integration/consumer support, advocacy, skills training, and transportation for individuals who are residing in nursing facilities; and community-based Medicaid Waiver Services for eligible individuals who want to transition to community living or are already living in their own home in the community.

For information about the above services, please call (412) 371-6954, TTY (412) 371-1254 or contact Abbie Dunn at


Core Services are the foundation of all Centers for Independent Living.  They include Advocacy, Peer Support, Skills Training, and Information and Referral.

As YOUR CIL, Three Rivers Center for Independent Living (TRCIL) wants you to actively participate!

Last year, TRCIL formed a consumer advisory board to:

  • Educate people with disabilities and the general public about CIL Core Services
  • Ensure that TRCIL Core Services are truly consumer controlled
  • Make formal recommendations to TRCIL management on improving and enhancing the quality of Core Services
  • Follow-up on recommendations
  • Maintain an open dialogue between management and consumers
  • Provide a resource where management can gain insight on consumer needs

If you are interested in applying and interviewing for this board or would like to know more about it, call Scarlett Curtis at 412-857-7584, extension 136 or 412-874-3655(TTY).