Recycled Equipment Exchange Program


The Recycled Equipment Exchange Project is a “Classified Listing” of items of Assistive Technology available for sale of to be donated.

The purpose of REEP is to recycle Assistive Technology devices. Persons who have devices which have been “outgrown” or which are no longer wanted or needed may list those devices for free in the REEP catalog. Equipment may be listed either for sale, or for donation.

Items in the REEP listing can range from simple home adaptations, and wheelchairs, to communication devices and adapted vehicles.

The REEP listings may be viewed on the Internet at:

Note: Announcement of an item in the Recycled Equipment Exchange Project listing does not constitute an endorsement of that item, or any verification of its condition.

All purchases made through the Recycled Equipment Exchange Project are private transactions between the seller and buyer.

Subscriptions to the quarterly REEP listing can be requested by calling 1-800-621-8541, TTY (412)-372-9662, faxing (412)-37-0121or by contacting


For questions regarding this service or these programs,
call (412) 371-6954, TTY (412) 371-1254 or contact Abbie Dunn at