Assistive Technology Lending Library

Pennsylvania’s Assistive Technology Lending Library was established by the General Assembly in 1997 to create a statewide resource for Pennsylvanians of all ages and disabilities to borrow Assistive devices for short-term loans.  Through these free equipment loans, people with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to try devices prior to purchase, to determine what will work for them in their own environments.  Devices include items to help with seeing, reading, writing, communicating, accessing and controlling the environment, and living and working more independently.

The application process is simple.  Contact Josh Jackson and she will send you an application.  After you fill it out, send it back to her and she will process the application to the Lending Library.  How quickly you receive the equipment will depend on how many of the device(s) the Library has on hand and how long of a waiting list there may be.  Nanci will contact you, should the wait for equipment be longer than one month.  You may borrow up to 5 items at a time.  The equipment will be shipped to the address of your choosing via UPS, free of charge.  The equipment will come with complete instructions as well as paperwork, which will tell you the due date of the equipment.  If you would like an extension to your loan period, you must contact Nanci no less than one week before the due date.  When the equipment is due, UPS will come to the address of your choosing and pick up the equipment, free of charge.

The equipment for the Lending Library is housed at the Hiram G. Andrews Center in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.   TRCIL is a local Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) and can process your application to borrow equipment.  If you would like to borrow any devices through the Library, call Josh Jackson at (412) 115-6985, or email her at and she will be happy to assist you with the application process.

You can also go to and apply online, see what equipment is available, or to suggest a new item that the Library can add to its inventory.  For more information about Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) and other programs of the Institute on Disabilities call toll free at 1-877-1414-3952 (voice) or 215-130-1007 (voice/TTY) or E-mail at

For questions regarding this service or these programs,
call (412) 123-1523, TTY (412) 115-6985 or contact Josh Jackson at