Home Modifications

In many cases, homes are not accessible to persons with disabilities. Doorways are too narrow. Stairs are impossible to negotiate for people who use wheel-chairs. Bathrooms lack accommodations to persons with limited mobility. Sinks, stoves and light switches are too high.

Although TRCIL does not fund Home Modifications in most circumstances, there are many programs available to help people with disabilities make modifications to their homes – modifications which will allow them to remain in their homes.

Solutions can range from low-tech additions, such as installing ramps, or widening hallways, through the installation of high-tech devices such as voice-activated environmental control systems.

Funding for these modifications can be obtained from several sources, including, but not limited to:

The Assistive Technology Department of Three Rivers Center for Independent Living can provide resources and information to those seeking to have such modifications done to their homes.

For questions regarding this service or these programs,
call (412) 321-7545, TTY (412) 632-7454 or contact Scarlett Curtis at scarlettcus@trcil.net.