911 Emergency Cell Phone Distribution Program

As a function of the Into New Hands program, Three Rivers Center for Independent Living has instituted a 911 Emergency Cellular Telephone Recycling and Distribution program.

Similar to programs maintained and operated by local Police and County Sheriff’s Departments, Three Rivers Center for Independent Living has established a project to recycle pre-owned cellular telephones to persons with disabilities for the sole and express purpose of placing 911 Emergency calls.

Individuals who have cellular telephones for which they no longer have a need, may donate the deactivated phones, which are in working condition, to the program in exchange for a receipt for a donation to a charitable organization. We ask that the donor first make certain that service has been cancelled to those phones, and that all contracts for service have been terminated.

Persons with disabilities who feel the need for a means of summoning 911 Emergency services (Fire, Police, Emergency Medical Services) when they do not have access to a normal land-line telephone, may receive one of these deactivated phones free of charge.


Any person with a disability who does not have the financial resources to obtain a cellular telephone, and who feels the need to obtain a 911 Emergency Only phone may receive a phone free of charge.

All requests are considered on an individual basis.

All requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Distributions from the 911 Emergency Cellular Telephone Program is by appointment only, Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM.

**Please note that these phones have been deactivated and are not capable of receiving any incoming calls, nor are they able to make outgoing calls to any phone number aside from 911.**

**Also note that TRCIL assumes no responsibility for lack of cell coverage, or for the response time of emergency services.**

For questions regarding this service or these programs,
call (412) 371-6954, TTY (412) 371-1254 or contact Abbie Dunn at adunn@tril.net.