Deafness Services

TRCIL Services provides services to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  Services are provided by a qualified Deafness Specialist who uses American Sign Language.  We provide information about hearing loss and trainings to individuals and business as well as interpreting services. Our Deafness Specialist can also help people to obtain free telecommunications equipment through the state Telecommunications Device Distribution Program.

Services for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing include:

  • Service Coordination:
    Assisting individuals to obtain various supportive services for living independently in the community
  • Information and Referral:
    On equipment, vendors and other community resources
  • Advocacy:
    Individual and systems advocacy centered on civil rights and the ADA
  • Housing Counseling and Referral:
    Assisting individuals in finding accessible housing in the community and interpreting between consumers and the TRCIL Housing Counselor
  • Skills Training:
    In areas of life skills, money management, self-advocacy, job readiness and assertiveness
  • Educational Presentations:
    Educating consumers and outside agencies on issues concerning Deafness and hearing loss

For questions regarding this service or these programs, call (412) 129-9653, TTY (412) 963-6333 or contact Maddison Simmons at